How a BioNova digester can make you money – 3 ways!

For any business producing a minimum of 1,000 litres of food waste per week, it is just plain bad economics to not then use it on site for one’s own energy needs. There is no logic in giving it away, let alone paying someone else to remove a valuable product that you own.

If you are being sold ‘an environmental solution’, then do look into where your waste is going…

Even if it’s not going to landfill, your waste may get transported over long distances to be treated at processing sites.

Is this really ‘the environmental solution’ that you want???

Why pay for somebody else to remove your valuable food waste that they then convert into energy with no payback to you who provided the fuel!

BioNova is much leaner and greener – it makes your waste work for you. It is the optimum solution for organic waste disposal – and we can help you manage it all – on site!

RHI Opportunities

BioNova Installation Pre requisites

We’re here to help you optimise benefits of your waste to heat scheme without it being a burden.

Almost every installation we’re involved in is different, so we have the experience and the flexibility to help.

What you’ll need:

  • A minimum of 1,000 litres per week of organic waste (with dry substance between 30% to 70%).
  • Prior removal of all non-organic materials from input.
  • Single or 3-phase 400 volt electricity supply.
  • Access to a drainage system for filtered condensate from vented steam.
  • A suitable roofed enclosure or space to create one.
  • RHI Opportunity 1
  • 2,000 litre waste/50kw biomass
  • Typical annual RHI pays £11,110 (based on circa 2,000 litres waste & a co-fuelled 50kw biomass boiler)
  • RHI Opportunity 2
  • 4,000 litre waste/100kw biomass
  • Typical annual RHI pays £17,600 (based on circa 4,000 litres waste & co-fuelled 100kw biomass boiler)