BioNova UK Team

The core BioNova organic waste digester technology was developed by Lars Ebertsson in Sweden. This technology has the ability to turn raw organic waste into a dry combustible material in a matter of a 24hrs.

Lars is an integral part of the BioNova team. Lars is head of international sales and helps with furthering the development of the BioNova Technology. Here at BioNova We are able to exclusively offer this technology in a worldwide Marketplace. Our digester technology has the edge in turning suitable organic waste into a high energy biomass fuel. We are continually investing in Research and development and are finding many more materials suited to the BioNova process. We carry out independent laboratory tests on all wastes to have them classified.

The BioNova process not only eliminates transport & disposable costs but provides a range of direct and indirect benefit to your business.

When incorporated with our Waste to Energy biomass processes it also provides for reductions in fuel costs and in many instances can attract further revenues to your business thus improving further levels of profitability. This form of waste recycling will significantly enhance your environmental credentials.